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High Performance Marketing

Aug 13, 2021

Catherine Brown , Founder of ExtraBold Sales, polled over 200 sales professionals across a wide range of industries and found that across all age groups, people hold a lot of negative views about the sales process. 

No doubt you’ve worried before, that you were coming across too pushy in a listing appointment, or that you were going to ruin a relationship if you used aggressive or sleazy tactics, right? 

Well, what if I told you, you can absolutely find more fulfillment in the sales process, avoid the request for discounts, and open up unlimited opportunities for yourself by seeing yourself as someone who has the power to tap into your customer’s true motives and values?

Listen in as I chat with a 20 year sales veteran and author of her recent new book “How Good Humans Sell.”

Catherine answers the questions of:


  • Why sales people get such a bad wrap.
  • What role mindset plays in becoming a successful sales leader.
  • Why people choose one sales person over another.
  • Why and how people make their buying decisions.
  • How to sell with more empathy and connect with our prospects on a deeper, more human level.