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High Performance Marketing

Feb 23, 2024

Most often you want to grow your list of potential leads, but the idea of cold calling or sending spammy emails on Linkedin make you cringe. And that's because in business marketing, too much of our cold outreach strategies feel icky.

On this episode of the High Performance Marketing podcast, I’m diving deep into the...

Feb 16, 2024

Referrals are the currency of trust in the world of running a business. They’re literally the golden goose of entrepreneurship. But here’s the problem, many business owners feel uncomfortable asking for referrals. Onthis episode of the podcast let’s talk about ways to get more referrals for your business.

Feb 2, 2024

As a business owner, you had a passion for the service you sell and helping others and most likely have found yourself becoming an 'accidental leader,' someone who leads not by design but by circumstance. On today’s episode of the podcast we’ll dive into accidental leadership and the power of owning up...