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High Performance Marketing

Jul 14, 2023

Building thriving membership community takes time and effort, but the rewards include helping you generate revenue as well as creating a sense of belonging and fulfillment for both you and your members. But starting a community from scratch can feel confusing - and can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t do it correctly.

On this episode of the High Performance Marketing Podcast, I've got guest Tabitha Crocker on the show. She’s a Membership Coach and founder of Present Profitable Mom. Tabitha is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to design, build, and scale thriving memberships for sustainable, scalable recurring revenue doing work you love. 

Download her free resource: Membership Success Roadmap. Get the plan to design, build, and scale your membership.

Tabitha is hosting a free mid-year power hour workshop next wednesday July 19, 2023 from 9-10am Eastern where she'll help you reflect on what’s worked in your business so far this year, what hasn’t, and how a membership can help you achieve your personal, family, and business goals for 2023. Register here.