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High Performance Marketing

Jun 16, 2023

The word "sales" can make anyone feel uneasy, myself included. But to successfully grow a profitable business, we need to know how to sell our products and services if we hope to solve problems for our prospects and customer base. 

On this episode of the podcast, I've got Brooke Greening on the show. She is an expert sales coach who's going to guide us on how we can increase our confidence by creating a sales process that confidently overcomes objections and increases customer conversion.

Brooke spent over a decade in corporate sales and is the founder of Building Momentum Sales Coaching. Her signature Confidence Building Sales Framework focuses on setting expectations for sales calls, building rapport, understanding clients, recognizing their problems and motivations, verbalizing the value to create urgency, and clearly explaining next steps.

3 Ways To Confidently Turn Objections Into Sales

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